Secure, high-quality webcasting services for online seminars, webinars and web conferences. We have the equipment, the infrastructure and the expertise to create flexible, engaging and fully tailored live streams for your event, across any platform.


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Webcasting is perhaps the most cost-effective way of communicating face to face with a large, diverse audience. They could be customers, employees, shareholders, delegates, or an audience looking to see a live concert or latest trailer. As long as you have a secure, accessible and robust webcasting service in place, your online seminar, video conferencing,  webinar or live stream will be a powerful and effective experience.

The best webcasting services are seamless. They occur in the background. They take care of all the technical details without a single hitch or headache and allow you to concentrate 100% on your audience and your messages. When they’re called on to engage, entertain and inform, they do it with security and style.

Broadcasting a virtual event requires the right equipment, the right software architecture and the right technical support. It has to be reliable, flexible, and designed specifically for purpose. At Sound of Music we pride ourselves on the quality of our webcasting services. Drop us a line and let’s have a chat about how we can make your virtual event a real-life success.

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