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Audio reproduction is our speciality. Perfection driven by passion to make audio the best it possibly can be. From a small conference to a large arena, you’re guaranteed premium quality sound delivered by highly experienced, talented engineers, every time.


High fidelity. True versatility. Complete reliability.

Audio is our passion... Let us show you how great it CAN be!

In 2002, Sound of Music Ltd was conceived with the primary target to achieve the best possible audio reproduction in every sound system we deployed. Our reputation today thrives on consistently hitting that very target!

Deploying a sound system to deliver clear & coherent audio reproduction across an audience isn't just about plugging in some speakers and turning it up as loud as you can. At Sound of Music, we take the time to understand your event and it's requirements, then design a solution using the most appropriate components which we usually exceed the expectation of our customers.

Audio is Physics, sometimes it's tricky to crack the formula but we rarely get it wrong!

By utilising the latest computer simulation technology we can design and optimise our sound system deployment before we have even loaded the equipment onto the truck. This results in efficient installation with no guess work when we arrive at the venue.

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